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M E S S A G E 

The world of business is growing and expanding in terms of resources, customers, services, goods and products. This is pumped prime by the accelerated change and rapid development particularly in the use of technology. The operation and delivery systems of these business establishments are getting complicated but with the ingenuity of some people whose creative and innovative minds, the systems  are being made easy and doable. At AIUB, new strategies and innovative actions are being implemented backed up with the succinct policies and competence of the academic and non-academic personnel of the university. The Management is always ready and available to make sure that novel things are carried out and the best ones are sustained. 
The Faculty of Business Administration is continuously keeping itself abreast with the new challenges and developments in the field of business. The total program (undergraduate and graduate), BBA and MBA/EMBA, underwent internal quality assessment and have been evaluated by outside and local experts. This process involved the primordial stakeholders of the FBA which initially identified areas for improvement. For this sustainable effort, the FBA programs were granted international accreditation, a symbol of quality and excellence by an international accrediting body. The same assessment has been conducted in consonance with the mechanism mandated by the University Grants Commission to be complied by all public and private universities.
With this process of promoting and assuring quality and excellence in the academic programs, I assured our stakeholders that the students are our primary concerns for all the development efforts being exerted by the university so that they can realize their dreams of obtaining a world class business education and eventually become leaders in their respective area of endeavor. Come to AIUB and be a part of a flourishing institution and a well reputed business program. 

Dean, Faculty of Business Administration