To have a strong corporate emphasis in the business courses being taught, it needs to prioritize strong links with the industry. The Faculty of Business Administration understands that in order to produce graduates of international caliber, we need to have the inputs from experienced corporate professionals and to have them interact with our students in a frequent manner.

Keeping this in mind,  the Department of Management, Faculty of Business Administration, a guest from the corporate sector was invited to be a Guest Lecturer in the class of Training & Development on October 15, 2019. The guest was Ms. Afia Parveen, Former Vice President & Head of HR, Cotton Group.

Ms. Parveen discussed that to be taken seriously as HR professionals, there is a need to be relevant to our clients. To be relevant to the organizational leaders and executives we serve, we need to understand and adopt the goals and objectives of the organization and make them our goals and objectives as well. To do this, it requires that we directly link our training strategies to the business strategies and ultimately the success of the organization we are serving.

She also explained that the traditional training systems often fail to deliver desired business objectives because communications from the top are not always clearly understood further down the line, leading to a mismatch between corporate strategy and the performance and capabilities of the human resources.

It was a very interactive session and the students enjoyed it thoroughly as the speaker had a very accessible attitude and personality. The session was followed by a Q & A round.

The program was arranged and organized by the course faculty, Mr. A. K. Nazmul, Associate Professor, Faculty of Business Administration and Ms. Hafsa Maryam, Senior Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business Administration.

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