Under the platform of‘Socially Distanced; Intellectually Engaged’, the Department of Management and HRM, Faculty of Business Administration (FBA), AIUBorganized its 4thOnline Training Session entitled A to Z of Conducting Research on Sunday, May 3, 2020 from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm. The resource speaker of the session was Professor and Scientist Dr.Faruque Hossain who is a faculty in the Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management (OSCM), FBA. Dr.Hossain shared his valuable knowledge on three main domains of research: Writing Proposal, conducting Research and Reporting Findings. He also highlighted the common mistakes done by the researchers while conducting both academic and commissioned research. A two hours session helped the faculty members to address some critical and complex issues in the research arena. The session was participated in by thirty six faculty members of FBA. This faculty development program is conceptualized and organized by Dr.RezbinNahar, Associate Professor and Ms.Anisa Sultana, Senior Assistant Professor of Department of Management and HRM, FBA. The technical support was provided by Mr.MehzabulHoqueNahid, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Information Systems (MIS). Since April 26, 2020, FBA has organized 3 to 4 trainings, workshops, webinars and scholarly discussion sessions each week during this  COVID-19 pandemic period.These sessions were designed primarily to make the faculty of FBA intellectually engaged  using the Microsoft Teams.Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, Vice President (Academics), and Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, joined also session as he conveyed a cordial welcome to the participants and expressed his thanks to Dr. Faruque for sharing his valuable time and expertise on the topic of the session.


4th_online_training_session 4th_online_training_session 4th_online_training_session