The Department of Management organized "Business Model Exhibition Summer 2018-19 where the students of entrepreneurship development course have participated. The creative business ideas of students were given a platform through this exhibition. The initiative will also prepare the student to compete in various national and international competitions.

“Business Model Exhibition Summer 2018-19” was inaugurated at 2:00 pm on Saturday, July 27, 2019, in the Multipurpose Hall by Prof. Dr. Charles C. Villanueva, Vice President Academics and Dean, Faculty of Business Administration. The guests Mrs. Farheen Hassan, Director BBA program, Dr. Nisar Ahmed, Director MBA program, Mr. A. K Nazmul, Director Sports, MR. Asif Parvez, Deputy Registrar, Dr. Sazzadul Karim, Department Head of Marketing Department, Mr. Faridul Alam, Department Head of Accounting department along with the faculty members were present during the event. The respected guests visited the exhibition and evaluated the business models developed by the students. They also appreciated the students’ efforts to make the event exciting and successful. Samia Shabnaz, Senior Assistant Professor, Management Department and Hafsa Maryam, Senior Assistant Professor, Management Department coordinated the event.

The exhibition displayed the business models developed by the teams of the student from the course of Entrepreneurship Development.  The presentation skill and nicely crafted posters and models of the projects were highly appreciated by the spectators. The exhibition was only possible because of the spontaneous hard work of the respective teachers and students along with the support provided by the administration. The kind participation of the distinguished guests was greatly inspiring for all the students. The exhibition remains open for all till 4:00 pm on Saturday, July 27, 2019

Champion: Project “Hydroponics”

Student's Name  ID
 Biswas, Aritro  16-32132-2
 Sarker, Debashis 16-31517-1
 Boishakh, Nadim Hayder  16-32305-2
 Rahman, Mosiur 16-32036-2
 Karim, Md.Rehanul 15-28597-1


1st Runner up Project “Handicraft Closet”

Student's Name  ID
 Akhter,  Sheikh Tasnia  17-33315-1
 Khan, Md. Rahat 16-31774-1
 Roy, Aninda 16-32912-3
 Supti, Kanij Fatema 16-32964-3


1st Runner up: Project “Fashionica” 

Student's Name  ID
 Sristee, Nusrat Islam  16-31033-1
 Akter, Sayma 16-32814-3


2nd Runner up: Project “LionHeart Smart Phone Case"

Student's Name  ID
 Chowdhury, Maksudul Hoque 16-31995-2
 Shuvo, K. M. Abu Bakkor Siddike  16-32029-2
 Hasan, Md. Mohaiminul 16-32417-2
 Rahman, Ashikur  16-32191-2

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