MKT 6001: Consumer Behavior*

The course examines different behavioral theories and their impacts on the consumers in the market. The sociological and psychological foundation of market place choice are analyzed including life style, social status, age, income, taste, habit, custom, fashion, self concept, and opinion influences. The basic foundation of the course is to answer - why, what and how the decision process of industrial buyers as well as individual buyers are influenced.

MKT 6002: Marketing Research*

This course is designed to train the students in using the tools and techniques for developing analytical framework of marketing, developing solutions to marketing problems, formulation of marketing strategies, introduction to research techniques in marketing, review of sources of marketing information, collection, tabulation, analysis and interpretation of marketing information.

MKT 6003: Global Marketing

This course provides an overview of examining the global strategy and process of marketing goods and services. National market, review of international trade theory, analysis of balance of payment position and foreign currency market, export market, international joint ventures, licensing and leasing arrangements, patents and copy rights, international trade arrangements and regional trade grouping, generalized system of preferences, packaging, shipping and financing practices in the international market.

MKT 6004: Integrated Marketing Communication

This course presents world marketing communication functions such as advertising, direct marketing, sales promotion, public relations and personal selling are the most important activities for business enterprises promote their products, services and attract consumers. This course will provide know-how in understanding and evaluating a company's marketing and promotional situation and how to use these various functions in developing effective communication strategies and programs. Therefore this course is considered to be an essential course to understand the marketing communication functions and process that develop marketing skills and expertise of the students.

MKT 6005: Brand & Product Management

This course presents world Brand as the most powerful element to attract consumers. Often the history of a company’s success or even failure is seen through the single perspective of the brand, without taking into account all the other conditions of this success or failure. A brand is the tool, which a company can use to become successful but a business cannot only be reduced to the brands. The interrelationship between the business strategy and the brand strategy needs to be perfect to launch a successful brand that can bring success for the business enterprise. So this course is considered to be an essential course to understand the interrelationship between the business strategy and the brand strategy that develops marketing skills and expertise of the students.

MKT 6006: Distribution Management and Retail Marketing

This course intends to acquaint MBA students with the elements of Physical Distribution/Logistics Management (inbound and outbound logistics) for production and placement activities. The objectives of this course are to provide students with a basic and better understanding regarding different formats in retailing, conceptual issues related to retailing and current and future developments in Bangladesh and elsewhere in the world. The course content is designed in response to the need for a practical learning resource that encompasses all the various elements of the Marketing Logistics (Supply and distribution logistics) approach and pulls them together in a coherent format that allows the students to understand both the big picture and the specific details of distribution and retailing management. The lectures contain real-world case studies, various models and behavior that bring the material to life and give it practicality.

MKT 6007: Service Marketing

This course develops an understanding of developed and developing countries of the world in services. Virtually all companies view services as critical to retaining their customer today and in future. Even manufacturing companies that in the past have depended on their physical products for their livelihood now recognize that service provides one of the few sustainable competitive advantages. This course recognizes that service present special challenges that must be identified and addressed.

MKT 6008: Pricing Strategy

This course regards the decisions that one makes before purchasing a good is whether the price is too high and if it is not too high. How many units to purchase? Just as price influences the consumers, so too does it influences the behavior of the firms. The price determines whether a producer will produce a product and if so, number of units it will supply. Clearly, price influences the behavior of buyers and suppliers. This course exposes students to a variety of topics pertaining to the pricing strategy. This course will provide the students to synthesize and integrate the knowledge gained in the courses they have completed. Students will comprehend how pricing fits into the border scope of marketing and plays an important role in the total business system.

MKT 6009: E- Marketing

This course develops an understanding of the way that Internet technology has changed the practice of marketing to date, and likely future developments. It also develops an appreciation of the critical issues facing by the firms who plan to market via the Internet, either as a start-up or extension to existing operations. The course will also demonstrate practical skills in solving typical Internet marketing problems.

MKT 6010: Sales Management

This course offers students a thorough up to date and integrated overview of most recent practices and techniques relevant to sales management. It is difficult to manage sales without the solid understanding of the concepts. Unfortunately many people have number of misconceptions about the selling process, activities carried out by the sales department and the personal characteristics necessary for a successful sales carrier. To complicate the matter even more, various selling jobs can involve very different tasks and selling skills. The best way to become successful in selling is to enjoy it fully, but also learn all one can about the process. It is the combination of a positive attitude and the skills one acquires that will help you become a more productive sales person.

MKT 6011: Strategic Marketing

This course entails a comprehensive idea of how different product and service organizations can plan and accomplish their long-term objectives to survive in the market. Survival in the long run, long term recognition and rapid change in the market environment has pushed enterprises for the deeper need of strategic marketing plans. This course introduces the crucial role of strategic marketing as well as the strategic marketing process in a systematic way.

MKT 6012: Relationship Marketing

This course enables students to appreciate the importance of relationship marketing in today's world. Marketers want to make sure that their customer returns. There is probably no more important task in marketing than keeping good relationship with customers. Students learn to evaluate the making of a good customer and sharpen attention to what it takes to satisfy customer. Students learn the financial implication of customer retention and emerging measures of tracking customer satisfaction.