MIS 6001: Management Information System*

This course introduces concepts of information system as used in management of organizations. It diagnoses and identifies different hierarchies of management to develop information and control systems. Information models of various types from data processing environment to decision support to knowledge-based systems are introduced.

MIS 6002: System Analysis and Design*

This course focuses on the systems development life cycle of application systems emphasizing the use of structured design techniques. Each phase of development from information requirements analysis through post audit is examined.

MIS 6003: Database Management System

This course encompasses the fundamentals of database management systems including principles of database design and development, and the role of database systems within application information systems.

MIS 6004: Business Programming Language

This course introduces the basic principles of programming that is needed to solve business problems. Key concepts covered include use of a development environment, variables, loops, if statements, subroutines, functions, and debugging. The course includes a lab in which students apply the course concepts to solve problems.

MIS 6005: Network Resource Management

This course deals with concepts and terminology of data communications, network design, client/server architecture, distributed information systems with focus on communications architecture, and management.

MIS 6006: Data Warehouse and Data Mining

This course introduces the concepts, algorithms, techniques, and systems of data warehousing and data mining such as the design and implementation of data warehouse and OLAP systems; and the data mining concepts, methods, systems, implementations and applications.

MIS 6007: Enterprise Resource Planning

This course covers product and process planning using an Enterprise Resource Planning IERPI approach. It discusses the use of ERP in maximizing the comprehensive management of financial, manufacturing, marketing, distribution and human resources issues in all aspects of a business. The course examines the use of ERP in achieving a fully integrated information system through the supply chain or the value chain.

MIS 6008: Contemporary Development in MIS

This course includes system construction, system maintenance, artificial intelligence, expert systems, enterprise integration, and international issues in MIS, Knowledge Management (KM), Knowledge Discovery from Database (KDD) and other contemporary topics.