MGT 6001: Technology Management

This course equips students with the management aspects of technology. This course is meant to enhance understanding and appreciation of technology and as such address basic issues related to understanding the roles technology plays in today’s organizations. The course will cover issues related to the choice, selection, and implementation of technology. It will also deal with technology transfer, diffusion, and looking for appropriate technology.

MGT 6002: Real Estate Management

This course focuses on issues related to managing the real estate sector. The emergence of real estate as a new and vibrant sector in metropolitan areas calls for managers to become more professional. As such this course will cover the demand and supply pattern of real estates. It will also address issues related to the problems of plot and apartment financing, construction and marketing and related environmental issues.

MGT 6003: Health Care Management

This course identifies the problems existing in Bangladesh and finding solutions so that people can have affordable health care and reduce the number of people visiting abroad for health care. The rising life expectancy and health awareness in the country has created wide opportunities for health core sector. The course will look into both preventive and curative sides, management of clinics and hospitals, understanding the gaps of demand and supply. It also covers understanding the management practices of health sectors including the health insurance issues in developed economy.

MGT 6004: Environment Management

This course covers the significance of environment, patterns of changes and impacts thereof. As organizations and governments around the world are becoming more aware of importance of natural environment, managers need to understand the relevant issues. It will also identify the ways to get the best with least negative impact on environment by looking for the best environment-friendly practices with case studies in different economies.

MGT 6005: Utility Management

This course covers the demand and supply pattern of the sector. Utility sector covering the supply of power, gas, and water and sewerage service particularly in urban context has been o critical factor. Issues related to pricing and dependable services will also be covered.

MGT 6006: Energy Management

This course covers both the global and Bangladesh context of energy sector. It covers demand, supply, reserve and potential availability, supply, transportation and pricing of both traditional and renewable sources of energy like fossil fuels including petroleum products, cool, natural gas, and processed fuels like LPG, CNG etc.

MGT 6007: NGO Management

This course covers the management functions like planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling of non-profit service organizations commonly known as NGOs in Bangladesh. It also includes opportunities and challenges, environmental constraints and future scope of NGOs. The course also gives an insight of the contribution of NGOs in the development of the country.

MGT 6008: Bank Management

This course explores the management issues related to the banking business. It also aims at explaining the banking function, regulatory aspects, operational and marketing issues, new products and technology-enabled banking, customer services, international banking etc.

OMA 6002: Project Management

This course aims at covering the planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling functions for successful implementation of various projects. This course deals with identification and solution for major problem areas within these functions. Major emphasis is given on forecasting quality control, inventory control, logistics and time management aspects of a project.

FIN 6005: Insurance Management

This course explores the management issues related to the insurance sector. It covers the risk and risk management the insurance functions both life and general, regulatory aspects, operational and marketing issues, new products, customer services, reinsurance, micro insurance etc.

HRM 6007: Leadership

This course covers leadership issues both theoretical and practical. It will explore the different traits and behaviors attributed to leadership. The course explores leadership aspects in business or other organizations as well as social and notional level. The course aims at developing the leadership skills to harness the best from organizations.