FIN 6001: Corporate Finance

The course objective is to demonstrate and introduce the complex world of Corporate Finance: nature and scope, fields, objectives of firms, functions of a finance manager. Performance evaluation of firms and its managers, valuation of Financial instruments, Capital budgeting, Time value of money, Capital Structure, Cost of Capital these are the major topics to be covered in order to fulfill the desired goal.

FIN 6002: Financial Markets and Institutions

The course objective is to demonstrate and present the sources of money, constitution of Capital markets and mainly the various types and kinds of Financial Institutions. Emphasis would be given to various prominent financial institutions of Bangladesh like, BSB, BSRS, Grameen Bank, Islami Bank, Krishi Bank, Commercial Banks, Financial Companies, World Bank, ADB and IMF and other financing companies.

FIN 6003: Capital Budgeting

This course examines the firm's investment decisions in projects within the context of value creation. It covers investment decision-making under certainty and risk, CAPM, risk-adjusted return, sequential decision-making, and sensitivity models. It also includes various aspects of capital budgeting including risk-adjustments in project analysis, the cost of capital, project and firm valuation, and more sophisticated project analysis techniques.

FIN 6004: Investments & Portfolio Management

This course is intended to prepare students to develop an understanding of various securities including common stocks, bonds and derivatives like, options, and futures. It would provide the foundation for the study of investments in various ways by analyzing the investment processes critically and systematically.

FIN 6005: Bank Management

This course provides the platform for understanding banking procedures and practices. Bank's various operations with emphasis on lending procedures, criteria for loans, terms and conditions, fund utilization, fund management and risks and returns associated will be discussed.

FIN 6006: Financial Engineering

The aim of this course is to familiarize the students with various derivative instruments, and to make them understand how these instruments can be used to implement risk management strategies. To be particular, this course describes and analyzes the characteristics of the most important derivative Instruments such as forwards, futures, options and swaps. Then this course equips students with the essential techniques applied in pricing derivatives and hedging risk exposures, e.g.., Black-Scholes model and Value at Risk (VaR) respectively.

FIN 6007: International Financial Management

This course covers the analysis of the international financial environment with particular emphasis on the foreign exchange markets, and their interrelationships with international financial management. It includes various issues like the determination of foreign exchange rates, exchange rate systems and balance of payments, central bank intervention in the foreign exchange markets, hedging, speculation, and arbitrage involving the global foreign exchange and money markets, currency risk measurement and management, optimal short and long-term international borrowing and investing decisions, multinational cost of capital determination etc.

FIN 6008: Insurance Management

This course explores the management issues related to the insurance sector. It covers the risk and risk management, the insurance functions both life and general, regulatory aspects, operational and marketing issues, new products, customer services, reinsurance, micro insurance etc.