ACT 6001: Auditing*

In this course, the students are acquainted with principles of auditing, auditor’s duties and responsibilities, basic auditing techniques, verification and valuation of assets and liabilities, internal checks, internal control and auditor’s reports and certificates. Topics include issues from financial audit and cost audit.

ACT 6002: Cost Accounting*

This course provides students with a sound base in cost accounting to facilitate their professional work. The course deals with cost concepts, cost accounting process and principles, and integrated accounts. Topics include introduction to cost accounting concepts, cost accounting for materials, labor and overhead, batch costing, job costing, process costing, cost control, reconciliation of cost and financial accounts, integrated accounts, cost accounting methods, etc.

ACT 6003: Corporate tax Management

The course covers general principles of taxation, tax authorities, taxable income assessment, return on income, deductions, advance payments of tax and appeal procedures, accounting for income tax, and impact of income tax on business. Topics include the issues related to value added tax, customs duty, income tax etc.

ACT 6004: Financial Statement Analysis

This course explains the requirements underlying the provision of financial statement data; the properties of numbers derived from financial statements; the key aspects of decisions that use financial statement information; and the features of the environment in which these decisions are made.

ACT 6005: Financial Reporting

This course provides the platform for understanding the importance of preparing financial statements in line with requirements of Bangladesh Accounting Standards (BAS) and other relevant accounting standards. This course also allows students to understand the explanation of the principles and importance of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and International Accounting Standards (IAS). Students will also be given an overview about the workings of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) and International Accounting Standard Boards (IASB) in preparing and implementing accounting standards.

ACT 6006: Strategic Management Accounting

This course focuses on the application of accounting information internally generated by managers in directing the affairs of business and non-business organizations. Topics include management control systems, strategic cost management, activity based management, target costing, product life cycle costing, quality cost management, value chain analysis, competitor analysis, balanced scorecard, theory of constraints, benchmarking and executive compensations.