In keeping with the tradition of excellence and in the pursuit of its mission and vision, the Faculty of Business Administration of AIUB is continuously in search for new horizons to make the learning process attuned with the emerging demands for world class business education. The unpredictable business environment would need a strategic intervention that would make the academic programs relevant and responsive to these changes and challenges. Foremost is the fast advancing technology which has made a dramatic change in the way business is conducted throughout the world. Policies and strategies have been laid down by the government and non-government organizations and institutions to complement the evolution of technology. Human resources of the country need to be equipped with knowledge and skills to make them abreast of these continuous developments. The university plays an important role in this aspect of educating and providing relevant experiences to the students who are in quest for globally competitive knowledge and skills to cope with the emerging challenges in the world of business. The Faculty of Business Administration is one of the prosperous faculties of the university. It is continuously restructuring its curricular program and courses; upgrading faculty competencies; facilities improvements and adapting new teaching strategies in response to the needs and demands of the times.


The Faculty of Business Administration relentlessly pursue sustainable excellent business administration programs, whose graduates are equipped with competent learning domains and strong sense of ethical values ready to meet the emerging demands and requirements of the glocal markets.


The Faculty of Business Administration is committed to promote and impart socially relevant business oriented curricular programs; establish stronger and sustainable partnership with the industry; and discover through relevant research and technology-based innovative academic programs and strategies to respond to the ever changing challenges of the competitive world of business.


  1. Sustain quality and excellence through accreditation of the business program as a center of development of the university
  2. Enrich and expand the business curricular programs to make it more relevant and responsive to social and business requirement
  3. Moor highly qualified and competent faculty members
  4. Embark on relevant business research and academic projects that will be useful in making instruction more practical and stimulating in acquiring gainful experiences and resources
  5. Enhance university outreach programs and services through business related activities, and networking with national and international organizations in order to alleviate the socio-economic lives of the beneficiaries
  6. Accelerate professional and career development of the faculty and their personal well being
  7. Promote the employability and entrepreneurial experiences of the graduates.
  8. Continuously build the brand image of the Faculty of Business Administration as a vibrant academic program of the university
  9. Create a platform and opportunities for the students to demonstrate their inherent talents and accumulate leading edge knowledge and skills as  future leaders in business and industry.
  10. Introduce doctoral program on business education through vertical articulation of the existing business programs


  1. Uphold academic integrity in teaching and research by establishing, disseminating and monitoring policies and procedures related to integrity issues including sanctioning academic misconduct and fraud of any kind.
  2. Foster strong sense of responsibility, accountability and transparency in teaching and in performing other responsibilities.
  3. Respect for opinions by free and open dissemination of knowledge and information by guaranteeing academic freedom within the profession. Promoting, observing and safeguarding mutual respect between and among teachers, students and staff.
  4. Institute the practice of harmonious relation, cooperation and esprit de corps  among fellow teachers, management and among  institutional partners keeping mutual interest and benefits. 
  5. Every faculty member of the University shall, at all times, conduct his or her activities in accordance with the highest level of professionalism  and ethical standards.