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  • Department of Accounting

    Department of Accounting

    Accounting – see beyond the numbers’. As a part of its continuous thrives for excellence and with the understanding of the importance of accounting education, American International University–Bangladesh (AIUB) has introduced Depart...more

  • Department of Finance

    Department of Finance

    Finance is the lifeblood of firms. Firms are the driving forces of modern economy. Economic system is crippled in the absence of efficient and proper financial system, a means by which an economy allocates money to its highest valued use. The focus o...more

  • Department of Management and HRM

    Department of Management and HRM

    Management is the process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives in a changing environment. Central to this process is the effective and efficient use of limited resources. Management is critical to every organization...more

  • Department of Marketing

    Department of Marketing

    Everything in business starts with marketing, and a successful career in marketing starts at the Marketing Department of AIUB. Marketing is dynamic, pervasive and exciting. It focuses on understanding consumers, advocating for them, and developing lo...more

  • Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management

    Department of Operations and Supply Chain Management

    “Operations-the Engine of Business” Mission and vision are not mere statements to American International University-Bangladesh. Corollary to this, Operations and Supply Chain Management program was launched to produce effective and dynami...more